Frequently Asked Questions

Zero Lawn Moss is not a pesticide and once the treated lawn area is dry, children and pets can play and access the lawn area.

Zero Lawn Moss is a liquid that contains 6% ferrous citrate which is a foliar treatment that controls moss but does not stain the lawn grass when used at the normal 1 to 10 application ratio. Only apply Zero Lawn Moss treatment to Lawn areas, it is not suitable for hard surface areas. If the treatment spills on hard surfaces rinse with water.

Zero Lawn Moss remove moss within 24 hours of application, the dying moss will discolour changing from green to dark brown/black. The lawn grass will remain green, within a couple of days after application your lawn grass will develop a rich green colour. New grass growth will emerge as the moss decomposes back into the soil.

Apply Zero Lawn Moss at the recommended application rate depending on the level of moss in your lawn. Use a clean high pressure Knapsack Sprayer* to ensure an even and effective spread. Use clean water and follow the mixing rates on the back of the Zero Lawn Moss container. Wear gloves, wellingtons, face mask, jacket and old clothing.

*We recommend you keep the same knapsack sprayer for applying the Zero Lawn Moss treatment and not to use it for any other garden treatments; this will prevent cross contamination or accidental damage to your lawn.

If possible trim the lawn & remove the grass clippings before applying the treatment Shorter grass will make it easier for the Zero Lawn Moss treatment to soak into the moss.

Yes, we recommend you follow our 2 step lawn care program - Step 1: apply Zero Lawn Moss. Step 2: after 24 hours apply Zero Lawn Feed. Zero Lawn Feed is designed to feed and green your lawn for up to 3 months, it has added seaweed and iron to further suppress the moss and maintain a rich green colour without forcing growth. We recommend you apply the Zero Lawn Feed with a fertiliser spreader to ensure even application. Apply Zero Lawn Feed before rain is forecast or water your lawn if no rain is expected after application.

Zero Lawn Moss can be applied any time of year; Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Apply on a dry calm day - read and follow the instructions on the back of the container.

We do recommend applying Zero Lawn Moss when lawn moss is present, especially in October through to December and February to prevent moss growth forming over the winter period when it is most likely due to wet weather.

Zero Lawn Moss is designed to be applied to lawn grass areas only; avoid spraying the treatment onto shrubs, tree foliage, flowering bulbs or garden plants in your lawn area. Simply apply the Zero Lawn Moss treatment to the lawn grass area and avoid other plants. Inadvertently if you spray some garden plants wash the treatment off the foliage with clean water immediately.

Depending on the thickness and spread of your lawn moss you may need to reseed some areas with fresh lawn seed. If lawn moss is heavy or thick then a light raking of the dead moss will expose the soil and a mix of Green Velvet lawn seed and compost can be spread onto the area. Lawn seed will generally germinate after 21 days depending on the time of year and blend in with current grass to eliminate the bare patch.

Yes you can! Remember, Zero Lawn Moss is not a pesticide and will not damage your compost, all grass clippings can be added after treatment.