What is lawn moss?

What is lawn moss?
Lawn moss is a primitive plant, meaning it’s non-flowering. It thrives in wet, moist conditions, making it very common in Ireland. It uses spores to reproduce so it’s similar to fungus in that way. Nutrients and water are processed differently in lawn moss compared to other plants, so normal weed killers often fail to kill moss.


What is lawn moss

If you want to remove moss from your lawn, Zero Lawn Moss is specially designed to kill lawn moss right down to the root structure. All you need to do is:

Mix 1 part Zero Lawn Moss Liquid with 10 parts water to create Zero solution for normal moss growth.
Then apply the solution to your entire lawn using a clean sprayer or watering can with a sprinkle bar fitted.
24 hours later follow with a dressing of Zero Lawn Feed to feed and green lawn for up to 3 months.
Moss can grow in thick dense patches in the lawn and over power the grass. In dense conditions, moss killers will turn those patches black, but will not kill the grass. The black patches will soon disappear when the dying/dead moss withers away.  You may need to reseed areas where the moss was super dense.